The Up Coming Evolution…


I know everyone noticed this change in appearance of the site and do not worry it has it’s purpose!! (Drum rolls please)

As I venture more deeper into the culinary world I am now going to tap into…(dun dun dun dun!!)…

Illegal herbs and spices! 

Molecular “freaking awesome” Gastronomy!!!!

the few references I got to start with

Yes!! this is it!! haha!

I have been busy the past few weeks reading, researching and trying to get the idea of molecular gastro and thus this Idea is born, so expect the next posts are going to be stuff about the madness the mad scientists/chefs

/crazyfooddies of this era that I, (future mad chef) am reading and/or learning from.

So be excited, and yes I am ordering you to be excited! Because from this point on we are going to go overboard!!!